Duration InCall(in INR/USD) OutCall(in INR/USD)
2/3 hours ₹6,000 ~ ₹10,000 - $100 ~ $200 ₹8000 ~ ₹15,000 - $130 ~ $190
3/5 hours ₹12000 ~ 18000 - $150 ~ $225 ₹15000 ~ 20000 - $190 ~ $250
5/8 hours ₹18,000 ~ ₹25,000 - $225 ~ $310 ₹20,000 ~ ₹30,000 - $250 ~ $375
Over Night ₹18,000 ~ ₹25,000 - $225 ~ $310 ₹20,000 ~ ₹30,000 - $250 ~ $375
Full day/24x7 hours ₹30,000 ~ ₹40,000 - $375 ~ $500 ₹35,000 ~ ₹45,000 - $440 ~ $570

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